Justin Rhee
Nice to
meet you.
I’m Justin, a designer with a background in art, animation,
and code.

Previously, I led design at two NYC startups, Kustomer and CoPromote, where we shipped features that scaled products and built communities.

Currently, I'm a UX designer at Amazon where we're using data to improve planning, grow our team, unify design systems, and create incredibly simple and elegant experiences.
Apart from design, I like to read, run,

Let's connect – hello at justinrhee.net

Connecting Artists with Fans


After activating +530K users on web, CoPromote wanted to build a mobile app for its users.

My role included design research, UX, visual design, and prototyping.

Translating web to mobile


For v1, we centered the experience around boosting and sharing, the primary actions on CoPromote that deliver value to new users the fastest.

Zero to launch

On the nature of CoPromote's feed

CoPromote’s feed is different from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or SoundCloud – or feeds designed for consumption that generally display posts in chronological order.

Instead, CoPromote's feed is more like Seamless, Expedia, or Foursquare: where the most relevant results, and closest matches, get shown first.

Since users shouldn't expect to find better posts on scroll, a card-swiping, Tinder-esque presentation of content could be better suited for CoPromotes's mobile app.

Utilizing gestures like swipe makes sharing faster, while requiring users to dismiss content they aren’t interested in – providing actionable data that can immediately improve their next content recommendation.

Delivering value faster in v2

In v2, we focused on removing friction from boosting, adding relevancy scores to improve recommendations, optimizing the feed for rich media, and making the concept of reach, CoPromote's virtual currency, less abstract.

Encouraging post tags

Creating context with motion

Animating instant response and reward

Previewing the animation

We pre-composed the final frames in After Effects, then added polish in Hype.

Associating sharing with reward

We coupled the coin with a count animation to associate sharing with reward.

ExtJS workaround

We made the first and last frames the same so we could trigger the animation on top of static coins in non-mobile use cases.

Creating the flyout menu

Research, wireframe, prototype, repeat

We relied on a quick, dynamic, prototype-driven process to rid ourselves of considering design in detail — using prototypes as our tools and not the end results of our design process.

Doing so helped us start conversations around prototypes that unlocked our team, identify more shortcomings and opportunities, prioritize our roadmap, and create more buy-in across stakeholders and teams.